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Pro Tip: Write Your Safeword On The Mirror

Author: J.Rider

I should have stayed home that night. I really should have. Just stayed home, made popcorn and watched Netflix. It was a disaster that I never saw coming. But apparently, one that I was destined to experience.

I’m talking to this guy for a while now, and get this.... he’s a cop. And I looove a man in uniform. Especially one that is well versed in commanding authority. Because I absolutely cannot contain myself when a man stalks towards me, grabs me by the throat, and tells me what to do....

Slutty Rules to Not Being Murder Bait

Author: J.Rider

My rules keep me safe. I know I joke about how slutting makes me serial killer bait, but fuck, it could really happen. Meet a potential sucky-fuck online, chat for a while, exchange some real world contact info, and set off on an adventure to fuck each other senseless. What exactly am I getting myself into?

Promiscuous, perverted perfection, or a fatal fucking, which will it be this time? Let’s spin the wheel and see where it lands!

It’s a gamble, and being safe is paramount. I know it’s hard, if not impossible, to trust someone...

More coming soon...

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