Pro Tip: Write Your Safeword On The Mirror

Author: J.Rider

I should have stayed home that night. I really should have. Just stayed home, made popcorn and watched Netflix. It was a disaster that I never saw coming. But apparently, one that I was destined to experience.

I’m talking to this guy for a while now, and get this.... he’s a cop. And I looove a man in uniform. Especially one that is well versed in commanding authority. Because I absolutely cannot contain myself when a man stalks towards me, grabs me by the throat, and tells me what to do. Makes me, controls me, takes away my choices.

Anyway, we have been talking for a while, and I’m wanting a piece of him something bad. I have had dreams about this guy. He’s front and center in my fantasies right now. We finally match up our schedules and decide to meet up and make fantasy a reality. We’ve talked through lots of scenarios, and decided to go with the tried but true, tie me up and tease me, on me of course.

I show up and he’s waiting for me. Ready for the fun to begin, he’s got everything ready. We kiss and things begin to get heated. Clothes are coming off and inhibitions are thrown to the wayside. All that matters is this moment, right here, right now. He slides a hand up my arm, to my shoulder, then my neck, and takes a firm grip, leading me to the bed. He has me lay flat on my back and then cuffs my hands together, securing them to the headboard, above my head. And all I can think is fuck, I can’t touch him anymore.

But ohhh, could he touch me. He whispered all the delicious things he is planning to to me while his hands and mouth began their assault on my body. He makes his way down, stroking, squeezing, licking and nibbling, paying particular attention to my breasts and nipples. Then my stomach, making his way down my sides to my legs. He is kissing my inner thigh, and starts working down even further.

Oh, no........

Please no.

But oh yes, he is.

Shit, I forgot to tell him.

I’m struggling and saying ‘NO, COME BACK UP HERE! Not my feet! Please not my feet!’

But does he listen?


I’m trying my best to get my legs away from him or scoot on the bed, somewhere, anywhere, out of his reach. But, stupid me, he thinks this is all part of the playtime. Because what I did say, was let me struggle. Let me say no. Let me feel out of control. Everything is fine unless I say.....

Fuck! What’s my safeword? Something with a fruit? Umm ‘Apple! Banana! Maybe mango!’

Nope. He’s not stopping. He looks up at me and shakes his head. Clicks his tongue. ‘You’re not getting out of this that easy’ he says with a chuckle.

‘Fuck! Animals! Elephant! Zebra! Tigers! Fucking dolphins!’ I’m trying so hard to stop him, but it’s not enough.

What the fuck is my word?????

With a smug look on his face, he grabs hold of my left foot with both his hands and licks me from the heel to the toe.

giggling like a maniac ‘NOoOoOoOoO!’

My whole body is convulsing and my foot that is free, jerks uncontrollably, because I’m ticklish as all fuckkkking hellspawn, and that damn foot, kicks him square in the nose.


I swear it all happened in super slow motion. The lick. The scream. The jerk. The kick. The contact. His face slowly turning to the side. The spit flying from his mouth.

And just like that..... he goes down like a ton of bricks. I’m left in this bed, handcuffed and unable to move, naked as the day I was born, and there’s a knocked out COP on the floor, wearing nothing but his duty belt and a hardon.

And the key to the handcuffs... It’s attached to his belt.

Yep. Fuck me. How the hell am I gonna explain this if he’s dead? ‘Yes officer, you see, I didn’t mean to kick him, I swear it was an accident! The bite mark on his shoulder? The scratches on his back? That happened before he cuffed me. Yes, it was consensual! All of it! Except for the licking my foot part, I yelled no a lot!’

He finally wakes up and gets me free. Sexy time is over, because he has to go to the Hospital and see if his nose is broken. Not sure how he’s gonna explain that bruise at work...

I’ll never leave home without my very own handcuff key again. Or socks.

And my safeword?



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